At Mystic Valley Communications LLC, we offer extensive services related to NMEA 2000® products, as well as support for a wide range of marine product development. What’s more, we can tailor our services to meet your technical needs. Below are just a few examples of the services we can offer to you.

1. NMEA 2000® Product Development

As an NMEA member and regular contributor to the NMEA 2000® Standards Committee, we possess solid expertise concerning the NMEA 2000® specification and its application. Our NMEA 2000® expertise includes interface development, requirements definition, and software application development. While working on your project, we will act as your advocate at any NMEA 2000® Standards Committee meetings we attend. We also perform full NMEA 2000® certification product software testing, including the preparation of the certification submission package. We can customize our NMEA 2000® software library to fit your needs.

2. Project Management

We offer project management services that can cover the facilitation, design, and implementation phases of your project planning process. Below are some of the services that we offer for each specific phase:

We can facilitate your project by:

  • analyzing your project goals and requirements.
  • developing a plan and budget for attaining your goals and requirements.
  • obtaining stakeholder buy-in and team support.
  • tracking and reporting the project life cycle.

We can design your project by:

  • allocating your requirements to modules.
  • defining how the modules will function and communicate.
  • evaluating the module implementation options.
  • creating test conditions that demonstrate the desired functionality of the modules.

We can implement your project by:

  • writing, testing, and integrating the code.
  • preparing training materials and manuals.
  • providing you with system training.
  • providing you with ongoing support to answer questions and/or fix problems that may arise.

3. Embedded Software Development

Our experience in embedded software development is not limited to just NMEA 2000®. We can work with you on any marine electronics related project. Our successful projects have invovled all forms of analog and digital data acquisition, including more complex algorithms such those used for depth detection, electrical power distribution, and servo motor control.

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