Mystic Valley Communications LLC offers NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ software that will allow you to configure the filtering modes of the NMEA 2000® Bridge.

NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ Software Features That Support NMEA 2000® Bridge

NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ software directly supports NMEA 2000® Bridge functionality in the following ways:

  • Automatically inventories and saves the product identification for all connected products on an NMEA 2000® network segment
  • Maintains and saves product identification inventories for up to two NMEA 2000® network segments
  • Provides filtering mode selection for each product in the inventory
  • Provides "wildcard" filtering for classes of products
  • Downloads filter configuration file to NMEA 2000® Bridge
  • Uploads filter configuration file from NMEA 2000® Bridge
  • Downloads firmware upgrades to NMEA 2000® Bridge

Additional Features of NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ Software

NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ software also comes with the following features that enhance its convenience:

  • Allows for changes to Device Instance and System Instance on any products that support changes via the NMEA Command parameter group (PGN 126208)
  • Allows for changes to Configuration Information parameter group description fields on any products that support changes via the NMEA Command parameter group (PGN 126208)
  • Is compatible with Actisense® NGT-1 Gateway
  • Will have future compatibility with Maretron® USB-100 Gateway and any Kvaser CAN interface (January 2012)

Benefits of NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ Software

Your purchase of NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ software will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Security: NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ software limits the data available on certain displays while still allowing all data to remain available for privileged displays accessed by authorized personnel.
  • Compatibility: NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ software allows incompatible products to coexist peacefully by isolating them from each other to prevent product malfunctions that cause resets and freezes.
  • Configurability: NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ software simplifies display configuration by separating like products that use the same Device or Data Instance, allowing displays on each side of the bridge to use their default settings.
  • Capability: NMEA 2000® BridgeBuilder™ software increases available bandwidth for more complex onboard functions by localizing detailed communications to a single network segment while allowing high-level status reports to propagate to all network segments.
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