Founded in 1994 by David Morschhauser, Mystic Valley Communications LLC specializes in the development of both maritime and business communication networks and devices, with particular focus on the NMEA 2000® networking standard. At Mystic Valley Communications LLC, we provide solutions for marine equipment manufacturers, marine electronics dealers, boat builders, and all others who want to manufacture and install NMEA 2000® products. Through our extensive knowledge of the NMEA 2000® specification, we can help you solve problems related to developing or deploying NMEA 2000® certified devices. Not only can we collaborate with you to resolve problems, we can also provide you with training suited to your production methods.

Benefits of Working with Us

Here are some examples of the benefits you will realize by working with us:

  • For Marine Equipment Manufacturers — Shorter time to market and superior product designs that differentiate themselves in the marketplace
  • For Marine Electronics Dealers — Reduced integration time for installations and fewer service calls stemming from unanticipated product interactions
  • For Boat Builders — Reduced construction costs with increased end user features

In addition to our many services, we also offer a range of NMEA 2000® products. Our most notable product is the NMEA 2000® Bridge, which we introduced in 2011 as the first-ever certified bridge between two NMEA 2000® networks.

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